features + favourites


A Meaningful Advent
Chrsitmas advent ideas that focus on time together
and giving back to the community

An annually updated list of our favourite holiday activities in YVR

Across the Country + Back -
Photos and stories of our traveling adventures including
a cross-Canada road trip from Vancouver to Halifax and back,
visits to the Maritimes, and Disneyland.

Our Wedding
Photographs from our wedding in 2012

Home Sweet Home - 
Photographs of the spaces we live in

Kids Play Tent DIY -
step by step instructions on how to build a play tent for your little one

Natural Homemade Deodorant, Lip Balm and Bath Salts -
recipes to make your own natural deodorant, lip balm and bath salts

Jasmin Rose Himalayen Bath Salts -  
an updated take on homemade bath salts

How to make your own Green Cleaning Products -
make natural green cleaners - safer for the environment and your family!

Alternative Gift Wrapping Ideas -
eco- friendly alternatives to  traditional wrapping paper

Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs -
dye your easter eggs using natural plant based colouring

Rock Throwing
a special evening sending love into the wild ocean

Myles Alan Gregory Craig -
photos and reflections from my best friends home birth

30 Before 30 -
a list of 30 goals i set out to achieve before my 30th birthday

Sweet Dreams -
dreams for my family and this lifetime

A Year in Photographs -
a recap of 2011 - 2017

13 from 2013 -
a roundup of 13 of my favourite blog post from 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Random Acts of Community Project -
a spin on a classic - spreading some kindness during the holiday season

A Birthday Portrait Series - 
 portraits of finn each year on his day of birth

Finn's Birthdays Past -
photos from previous birthday parties

 a collection of some of my favourite recipes

The Sisterhood
features on amazing women that inspire me

Roo + Eli -
memories and reflections of our sweet boys -  roo + eli