I'm Jessica! Mama, bread baker, moccasin lover, guerrilla gardener, beer enjoyer, plastic avoided, tv killer, small time blogger.
My sweetest love / partner in life/ baby daddy is Jeff- tea lover, new sock wearer, skateboarder, train watcher, camera collector.

Jeff and I met in 2003. The details vary a bit depending on which one of us you're talking to, but the story always ends the same... we were crazy about each other! We immediately had a connection, and I knew right away that he was different. From the very start I always said his Mom did such a great job of raising a gentleman and that sentiment still holds true. Jeff has always been my best friend- such a wonderful and inspiring man- the type of person that just makes you want to better yourself. We have been through so much together and always end up stronger and more committed to our life together as a result. We have a little dog, Chapeau, a pomeranian toy poodle who we adopted in 2004- he is full of mischief but is one of the sweetest little pups you will ever meet. During the summer of 2009, we took a month long road trip and drove across Canada.  We traveled from our home in Calgary, Alberta, all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia and back. We were lucky enough to have both our brothers join us on the ride out, so with 4 adults and little dog in tow, our car was packed to the rafters. It was such a great trip being able to stop every where we wanted along the way- visiting family and friends all over this great country of ours. Upon our return home, we discovered we were pregnant! We were both very surprised, but quickly warmed up to the idea of growing our family and having a little human to share our love and hopes for the world with. In April of 2010, we gently welcomed Finn Nathan Kyle into our family. Named after both of our brothers, Nathan and Kyle, we couldn't be happier to have this little munchkin in our lives!

So, to bring us up to right now - I'm a food, craft and blog loving Mama, Jeff is a freelance photographing and magazine editing Papa, we have our little sweetness, Finn, full of hilarious jokes and strong opinions, our pup Chapeau and a purple beta fish named pop! We do our best to live an engaged, conscious and meaningful life - all packed in to our sweet little home in rainy Vancouver, BC. Follow us through our everyday adventures, a few crafts and diy projects, some yummy yummy food and many wonderful memories.

Please contact me with any questions, if you want to swap blog advertising spots, or just to say hi! I would love to hear from you!


family photo by images by bethany
wedding photos by eden lang and maria lang


  1. What a wonderful story of living life on purpose. All 4 of you are forever in my heart, and welcome in my home :)

  2. nice one jess! ivyellen.tumblr.com

    1. lana, i have been trying to connect with you for a few weeks now, but no longer have any contact info that works! boo! email me?