Saturday, November 3, 2018

carie's birthday in tofino

my beautiful sunshine of a friend carie helm turned 40 last month. to celebrate her and all the wonderfulness she brings to our lives, a group of her nearest and dearest gathered in tofino for a weekend of ocean air, delicious food, special memories, and (lucky for us) so much sunshine. it was a magical few days spent with some of the greatest and kindest people i know - memories we will all cherish for a lifetime. jeff brought his camera and captured some photos of the gaggle of kids we brought along for the ride - if its even possible, they may have had more fun running wild than we did.

Final photo by Carie's partner, Chad - from L to R: Me, Carie, Kate, Anne, and Shellie (Tanja and Amanda not pictured)

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

summer travels

as we do most summers, we spent the bulk of ours traveling across the country to visit family - calgary, toronto, fredericton (with little jaunts to PEI and Nova Scotia) and then back to Calgary (my bff got married!) it was totally full-on, but it was also totally wonderful. visiting family and friends that you miss most the other days of the year leaves your cup feeling pretty darn full, and this adventure was no exception.

below are a few photos from our time away.